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Fine Sugarcane Spirit

Choeng Doi’s molasses based spirit is the backbone of our entire distillery. Utilizing only top quality food grade molasses, the long duration, low temperature fermentation combined with a slow pot distillation, the resulting product is a tapestry of complexity, freshness and power. Choeng Doi Distillery is the only distillery utilizing exclusively food grade molasses for distillation in Thailand. A long fermentation period coupled with different elements being pot and column distilled before being blended, results in a deep and complex yet smooth and approachable spirit.

Perfect for a mojito, pina colada or in other tropical drinks.


Funky White Ghost

Our answer to Wray and Nephew Rum, the Funky White undergoes a long fermentation, leading to higher esters and funkiness. A unique ingredient is added dunder; similar to a sour dough starter, dunder is a living mix of yeast and molasses that we have cared for since the day we opened our distillery, this dunder represents the purest sense of place, unique to the environment, natural yeasts and climate of our distillery.  As this dunder evolves, each batch of Funky White Rum will be different.

Pritsana Glass Bottle-1_edited.png
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