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Harnessing the vibrant tapestry of Thailand's bounty and rich herbal tradition, our spirits are a celebration of local flavors and craftsmanship. Each bottle is a testament to the meticulous selection of the finest Thai agricultural products and indigenous herbs, expertly distilled to capture their essence of place and time.


An artisanal spirit meticulously crafted to encapsulate the soul of Thailand's terroir and botanical abundance in the style of contemporary gins. Distilled with a blend of locally grown Thai spirits, each bottle is a homage to the land's rich tapestry of flavours. Our gin is infused with a carefully curated selection of estate-grown botanicals, including aromatic galangal, invigorating black mint leaves, and exotic florals, harmoniously balanced with traditional juniper and other botanicals.



Choeng Doi Distillery’s Single Estate Agricole celebrates the diverse terroir of Thailand and the people that care for the land. Fresh heirloom variety sugarcane from each farm is crushed, fermented and distilled separately to bring out the best unique flavours of the terroir.


The Single Estate series is a path to explore the diversity of one of Thailand’s most important and storied crops. 

Jasmine Rice

Our ode to the most important crop in Thailand. Our Jasmine Rice Spirit captures the smooth, refined essence of the revered Thai jasmine rice along with subtle fragrant notes of infused estate grown jasmine flowers.

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